Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I LOVE Mike Adams! Hear him, Karen Knowler (and other terrific guests) during Kevin Gianni's RAWKATHON!

I got to see and hear Mike Adams' presentation LIVE on the main stage at the Raw Spirit Festival (RSF) two weeks ago ... and he is one cool guy. (More on him later when I write about my experiences at the RSF ... but for now, enjoy a bit of his humor as you check this out) . . .

Mike will be the lead-off speaker in a series of FREE interviews coming up called the RAWKATHON -- put together by Kevin Gianni (of Renegade Health) -- that I'm also recommending folks check out. Highly recommending it, actually! Here's the link.


  • THIS series of interviews will feature a fantastic array of people with a ton of knowledge and expertise in all things healthy that you won't want to miss (imo!). See if any of the guest speakers float your boat and if so, sign up! Send the info on to family and friends who may also be in the process of regaining their true health -- as I am. Oh, and did I say that it's FREE?!

    Gotta run ... Naomi