Friday, July 18, 2008

Check out "Go Raw Now" . . . Hokey in parts (especially the winged nymph in final scene!) ... but worth a look and a listen.

The best news I have on the personal home front is that I'm in the process of moving into my very own apartment ... after sharing living space for five years! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found a lovely little place (living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, full bath, a personal storage room and a washer and dryer just steps from my door) at a price I can afford, utilities included! It also has a huge back patio and beautiful yard ... just several minutes' walk to a fresh-water lake and stream! Who's got it better than me?! Added perk: it's just a mile from my good friend's home and the place I lived for the last five years. I got everything I'd prayed for w/ the exception of lots and lots of light. This has some good natural light ... but not LOTS ... Hey, it'll keep me outdoors more this way! The guy who owns the place -- a single dad who lives in the other half of the house -- told me that deer, rabbit, chipmunk and other happy critters love to come visit in the yard. Fine by me.

This weekend is promising to be quite an interesting one I think. I'll be one of about 45 former "Our Lady of Victory" students gathering together after 40 years (!) for our grammar school reunion ... in Mount Vernon, New York. We're actually going to meet at the church for a 5:00 o'clock mass and then hit a restaurant in the next town over and have fun catching up on our lives. My closest cousin, Bernadette, will join me, as she knows a lot of the same people due to our both being in the CYO together. I noticed that about five boys that I had mad crushes on will all be there ... all of us looking quite a bit different, to say the least! :-) We wanted to track down and invite Sr. Mary Godfrey and Father Smith (real names withheld!), two "religious" who left their respective orders and married one another way back when it was even more scandalous that it might be today, but alas, we learned they have divorced. We did, however, invite the present head of the school, who eagerly accepted . . . and is hoping for large donations from us all, no doubt. (The school is in dire straits we hear. Too bad ... I have many fond memories of that place.)

Someone sent me a photo of our Fourth Grade class ... and I actually remembered the full names of about 98 percent of the folks in the photo (a shot taken 44 years ago! Amazing.)