Sunday, April 13, 2008

Green Smoothie Days 2 and 3: Two more Successes!

Well Saturday and today were both begun with delicious green smoothies: Saturday's was made with cherries, banana, parsley and spinich; and today's was made with kiwi, banana, pear, wild dandelion greens and kale

It's amazing how GOOD these taste ... and they end up being more enjoyable beyond taste because I know I'm getting live vitamins, minerals and enzymes (by way of the fresh greens) "snuck" in right along w/ the sweet fruit. Another cool thing is that they are very filling. Light but dense, if you will.

Some new (not too terrific) news on the health front ... seems that my thyroid scan was not too acceptable to my doc ... says I've a "nodule" there that needs to be biopsied. I asked him if it could mean cancer ... and he was non-committal. I've got to meet with an endocrinologist and plan out an appropriate course. (Hmmmmm. According to Louise Hay -- of "You Can Heal Your Life" fame -- the thyroid represents "When is it going to be my turn?" ... or something along that line. Not sure I remember; I'll look it up tonight. But her stuff is usually pretty spot on).

Came in to work today (Sunday) for a few hours to brush up for an in-house assessment test on software we're supposed to be masters of ... my test is on Tuesday. Lost a beautiful spring day to The Man. (Been listening recently to the Forest Gump soundtrack, and these odd, sorta early '70s, hippie terms are coming to mind as a result, I think! That last was said in jest, however. I never referred to the establishment as "The Man" (nor did I ever use the term "Establishment" now that I think of it).

Anyway ... it's time to catch that train home. Till tomorrow ... speaking of hippie days ...

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