Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 91 (Thursday): Found An Amazing Blog Today

I'm learning how to download photos onto this blog ... and today I picked these red peppers snapped at a farmer's market. (I suppose the next photo should be a wee bit smaller -- right now I don't know how to change the size!)

Peppers Farmer's Market, originally uploaded by JAGwired.

Red peppers are like candy ... and yet they are only 10 on the Glycemic Index, an index ranging from 0 to 110 ranking foods based on their immediate effects on blood sugar. They make a great snack and also are terrific as part of a salad dressing when made in a high-speed blender.

Today I had a mini-quiche for breakfast with a slice of pecan french toast (minus any maple syrup). I skipped lunch as I felt so full I wasn't a bit hungry. It's now close to 7:00 p.m. and I'm heading home ... I'll have some nori veggie rolls for dinner -- avocado slices, cucumber spears, tomatoes, basil pesto and some fresh mesclun greens -- roll 'em up for an easy-peasy, filling dinner.

While following some links today, I found a blog that was quite amazing. It was posted by a woman who has lost 92 pounds strictly by having blended green drinks daily on a restricted-calorie basis -- allowing herself about only 800 calories per day. It seems extremely drastic, but given that she has much weight to lose, she felt it was the path for her. This woman began her road back to herself at the incredible weight of 528 pounds. God bless her! May she succeed beyond her wildest dreams. She has some great links on her blog and some beautiful photos of all kinds of vibrant-looking veggies.

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