Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 65 (Friday): Two steps forward -- a half step back

Today was interesting ... I skipped my green juice in the morning and instead had a banana; for lunch I actually had a sandwich ... onion roll with roast veggies and a slice of munster cheese -- a huge deviation from my normal routine these days (of mostly raw salads). I figured once in a blue moon, the cooked food I have could be bread and/or cheese. Big mistake. The amount of reflux it caused was amazing ... I really notice now how much cooked food miscombined affects one's bod. It's my body that tells me the combination is not good.) Then for dinner I just had a craving for something more substantial, so I got a taco salad with chilli at Wendy's!

All in all -- it was a bust day (with the exception of that lone banana). But I refuse to beat myself up in any way. When I do that, things invariably head downhill.

So, for today, I'll be thankful for each new sunrise -- with zero regrets.

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