Monday, June 11, 2007

Days 80 and 81 (Saturday & Sunday): The Decluttering Continues

This weekend was pretty mellow (my life is very simple these days; not doing a whole lot of socializing or visiting). Lately, I'm more inclined to putter around on the weekends and continue my decluttering projects -- sorting books, papers, files, photos, housewares, linens, clothing, etc. I have stuff to sort through as I anticipate a move to a new apartment in the Fall. Saturday and Sunday I ate fairly well -- the only thing I'd do differently is avoid the kamut crackers in the future. I don't think any kind of flour -- even if it is kamut -- does my body too much good.

Saturday morning I made a delicious peach, raspberry and banana smoothie, to which I added a tablespoon of bee pollen, maca, and coconut oil. For lunch I had some raisins and almonds and then some crackers w/ a walnut/string bean pate. For dinner I had zucchini "pasta" with fresh raw marinara sauce with diced mushrooms and yellow peppers on top.

Sunday morning I had some sliced apples with cinnamon sprinkled on top. For lunch I had a large cucumber salad (w/ lemon, spices and olive oil dressing) and about 10 kamut crackers, plain. For dinner I had yellow summer squash "pasta" with raw marinara sauce with a little grated romano cheese on top and some diced zucchini and red pepper.

All in all it was a good "mostly raw" weekend, so I'm happy. (Oops. just remembered, I had two of Danny's home-made chocolate-chip cookies late last night!) Still, I'm pleased with my progress on the "mostly living foods" front.

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