Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 82 (Monday): Renewed Commitment

Today I decided that I want to step up my commitment a bit more to this way of eating/living/being. My goal in a year's time is to be eating 85% raw foods and to have shed all my excess weight. So, come Day 365 we'll see if I hit my target. I will have, I know.

By "stepping up my commitment" I mean loving my body more every day. It may sound sort of self-obsessed, but for me it's anything BUT. For years I gave very little thought to my appearance, to caring consistently for my body in a loving way. That has changed. It seems the spiritual changes had to come first, than the emotional, and now the physical. Some people get healthy in a different order ... for me it's followed that progression. One might think spiritual and emotional healing would be more difficult than physical, but for me it's not the case. Loving my BODY ... that's been and continues to be the biggest challenge! But it is amazingly rewarding.

I decided that tonight when I get home I'll write something on what loving my body actually means to me. (This blog is for ME mainly -- it's my help tool to get where I want to be, health-wise; so I'll do what I think I need to do to stay motivated and psyched to reach my goals. I may keep it personal and just read it daily to stay on track, or if I feel like posting it, I'll put it in a future blog entry.)

Today for breakfast I had a banana (on the train coming into work); for lunch I had a really lovely spinach salad to which I added some cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and diced yellow summer squash. I had a few thin cheezy toasts that came with the salad too. Right now I'm a bit hungry ... as it's 6:45 p.m. and I'm heading out of the office. My plan to get home early did not materialize ... so my walking tonight will be from here to the train station -- about 14 blocks.

Today I've highlighted a page from Kate Woods' website, "Raw Living" describing the benefits of one of the "super foods" I added to my fruit drink on Saturday, something called maca. I discovered it in a little shop in the East Village about six months ago. It's harvested in Peru.

  • "Maca"

  • Off to the train.

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