Monday, October 8, 2007

Saturday-Monday, October 6-8, 2007:

Didn't stay home this weekend after all. I accepted a friend's invitation to see her perform at the Westport Community Theatre in Connecticut and spent the night at her place. She was terrific in the play, and the beauty and peacefulness of her home and hospitality were just what the doctor ordered . . . for what I could only describe as a very, very difficult week.

Things are looking up moment by moment though . . . and consistently drinking green smoothies each day has had something to do with that. I have been feeling very strong physically since starting to incorporate these drinks into my day. Yesterday at my friend's place I made one for myself and her husband -- with kale, bok choy, banana, kiwi, nectarine and lime -- and it was delicious. All day Saturday I drank only green smoothies, and felt energized and full. There are definitely some very healing properties in greens! I feel like I've discovered a nutritional goldmine. The timing could not have been better.