Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Days 5-8 (Sat.-Tue., 9/22-25/07): Headin' for High Ground

Been doing some emotional housecleaning these past few days and feel as though I'm heading up over a high mountain ... with some great views up ahead.

The wonder of life is how all of its threads really do have a design . . . and often we're not privy to it. As corny as it sounds, I believe in a tapestry Master at work on the underside -- an underside all intertwined with knots and various colored threads that appear to have no beauty or symmetry but which eventually become a beautiful piece of art. That's kind of how I'm viewing what's in store for me during these autumn and winter months ahead.

These last four days were a bust for me in certain respects, food and exercise-wise, although I did eat vegetarian at a dinner I was invited to at my cousin's place (a salad and roast veggies that I brought from home). I enjoyed a couple of glasses of vino and had some wonderful laughs. Heard a great collection of tunes that took me back about 40 years -- to the Summer of Love, 1967. We were all singin' along ... amazing the way lyrics stay in one's head! I'll be heading out to these same cousins' beach house in a couple of weeks -- for a last glimpse of ocean this summer. Looking forward to it. My cousin Bernadette was my best friend when we were kids ... I love her and her family dearly. They're the kind of people you feel instantly at home with. Yup, lookin' forward to it.

Long Beach Island, originally uploaded by Nikon Nut.

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