Monday, June 4, 2007

Days 73-75 (Saturday, Sunday & Monday): Doing Great!

This weekend was a bit wobbly -- as far as eating an abundance of raw foods. Saturday was spent at my niece's place who always manages to cook the most amazing things. This day was no exception. She made coconut shrimp, spinach dip with home-made pita chips, spanish rice and steak fajitas. My sister made a terrific salad to round off the meal. I had a little of everything (except the beef) and a few too many shrimp. I had a glass of vino and some dessert too. For my evening meal, I just had an avecado with some sesame seeds.

Sunday I did much better in terms of raw food. I had a coupla handfuls of almonds and raisens and some fruit for breakfast. I had some quinoa and tabouli salad for lunch, and some kamut crackers and egg-salad for dinner, along with some "chiken liver" pate (which was really made out of walnuts, string beans and something else, can't remember)!

Today, I started off with some fresh organic cherries and a half of a peach and a half of a nectarine (saving the other halves for an afternoon snack). I'm off to lunch now -- hopefully will find something good on the cafe salad bar.

The one consistently good thing I've done since I began this raw food experiment is to avoid chicken and beef entirely. I'd like to do the same for baked breads in the next weeks ahead. Little by little, I'd like to eat less and less of the foods that have little or no vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Well, I'm back from lunch ... and enjoyed it a lot. I had a caesar salad (minus any croutons) with added cherry tomatoes and some fresh zucchini slices. I had a Larabar (a raw fruit/nut bar) for a "chaser."

Today I thought I'd post a video lecture on the health dangers of eating genetically-modified foods.

  • What the Heck Are You Eating? (Part 1)

  • What the Heck Are You Eating? (Part 2)

  • In Europe the people took to the streets in protest, and were successful in blocking legislation that would allow their foods to be genetically tampered with. Not so here in the USA. It's time we became aware of how pervasive are the food industry's efforts to make millions at our expense.

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