Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 49 (Wednesday): Losing some momentum :-(

I'm really starting to miss breads/butter and certain cooked foods. Time to psyche myself once again. Today I had a buttered onion roll for b'fast ... just didn't want fruit! Lunch was light, a little spinach salad with a small portion of pesto pasta. This afternoon I had two raw bars. My pattern is all off these last couple of days, so tomorrow I'm going back to the fruit in the morning, salad for lunch and zuccini pasta for dinner ... all raw. No cooked food at all tomorrow.

Friday, I'll have some steamed veggies in the evening again and from then on have just cooked veggies for my cooked food. (I'd been having some grains and pasta in there -- not to mention bread and butter a few times, but that's finished for now.) It'll certainly be "finished" as of Monday when for the next 92 days I'll be drinking 4 quarts of vegetable and fruit juices per day. People who've done it say they aren't hungry in the least, but they detox like crazy ... and ultimately have stamina and energy and a clarity emotionally and spiritually that they've not ever experienced before. It is largely for the latter reason that I'm embarking on this. I have some important things coming up in my life and I want to be in the best possible place to make choices and decisions with wisdom and prudence.

Tonight, I feel like eating a pizza!! Honest. But I won't. I think I'll have a chopped salad instead. Got a new gizmo that tosses and chops at the same time. :-)

Off to the train.

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