Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 30: Chicken-free for 30 Days!

Yup. My meat of choice has been gone from my diet for a whole month. That's quite a feat, since I really liked chicken. Probably what's more accurate is that I'd really gotten accustomed to eating chicken, the SAD chicken, that is. (Years ago, I used to occasionally buy real free-range chickens -- before everyone and their brother were calling their chickens "free range" because they let them out of the coop for 10 minutes once. Anyway, the taste of those birds was like NOTHING Purdue or Tyson offers today. They actually tasted sweet and very delicious, like a whole other animal than what passes for chicken today.

Anyway, a few times this month, I've opted to have salmon or flounder instead of chicken. Eventually, I'll be passing on all flesh foods, but for now, I'm enjoying an occasional "treat" of fish.

Today was an okay sorta day. The "newness" of it all is subsiding and it's causing me to "true up" a bit, to begin to consider better ways of prepping foods so that they're more easily and readily available for certain appealing recipes/meals. That takes planning, so that's where I'll be concentrating more in this new 30-day stretch ahead.

I started my morning with a banana/orange/strawberry smoothie, had a pear and banana in the late morning, a lovely lunch of baked flounder on a bed of greens w/ some cherry tomatoes, and I'm headed down to the Village for a raw meal this evening.

I'm looking forward to my hydrotherapy session on Wednesday (as weird as that sounds), because it will make a world of difference in how I feel. I can literally feel as if my body is overloading with cellular "debris" as it's called. My muscles are aching, I'm getting headaches, feeling extremely tired and somewhat bluesy, and my skin color is looking a bit ashen. None of it alarms me, though, in that I realize they're all signs that the cells are dumping out toxins.

See, the reason eating more live foods is a good thing is that we finally give our bodies a break from the nearly non-stop task of having to break down and digest animal products (meats, cheeses, milk) and processed starches and refined sugars. The great benefit we reap by doing that is this: The body now is freed up to do "housecleaning" within the cells ... billions of them! That's why when detoxing, one gets tired. There's that word of the hour again, "detoxing." The thing to avoid (which I have not) is letting the toxins build up in your system -- that's where colonics come in. Enough said on that for now!

The sun has come out in all its glory here in New York today ... after days and days of non-stop rain (and massive flooding in the tri-state area). The better side of Spring has finally showed up, and I'm thrilled. The weekend weather will be glorious, I hear. Yipee.

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