Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day 7 - Zen on the MetroNorth

Well my first week draws to a close, and I'm amazed that it wasn't at all difficult to stay away from meats, breads, cereals, dairy products, and processed packaged foods (like crackers, rice cakes, etc.)! You know how they say "timing is everything"? I think some things in life you just have to be ready for. I was ready for this.

Today's culinary treats: three delicious nut/date/fig balls early in the day; then my faithful green juice drink (think I'll dub that the "PowerWasher," as it has a mucho roto-rooter, whisk-broomish effect); and a large salad of about 10 kinds of veggies. It's 8:00 p.m. and I'm still satisfied ... not hungry at all. I'll have a couple of handfulls of nuts and dried fruit as I watch my fave show, "Gray's Anatomy," and then call it a night.

I'm looking forward this weekend to making some funky sorta meals -- because if I don't create some variety, I run the risk of getting bored with salads.

Are you snoozing yet? (Maybe I should've made this an old fashioned hand-written diary, just for me, after all. )

PS: I met someone on the train this morning who was politically of the same mind and we got to chatting. The conversation led to a discussion of religion and I ended up learning all about Zen ... as this person, formerly a Roman Catholic, was now leaning very Eastern in his views. He was clear that it wasn't Buddhism he was enthralled by, but Taoism. He summed his beliefs up this way ... there is no "meaning" to things, per se, they just are. To which I inquired: "So would you say, then, that life is meaningless?" To which he responded, "Yes." Hmmmm. Zen on the MetroNorth.


Anonymous said...

Well, I prefer me chicken stews - mind you since I acquired a whole lot of plastic jars with funky doll things on their lids I'm having to buy more pulses and things to fill them.

I blobbed out this week and ate crap snax a couple of times - still I don't care - I'm groovin'.

Anonymous said...

That Zen stuff is okay in itself except it don't ever get to the heart of life - we're here to please God and (hopefully) be born into his presence - like a baby in the womb. To say life is essentially meaningless is to kida accept that the sluice is the place to be.

Naomi said...

What's a pulse?

Actually, I thought the Zen stuff I heard on the train was depressing. It's one thing to be at peace with not "knowing why" or not "knowing all the answers" (in fact, I think that's actually wise); it's another to ascribe absolutely no meaning to anything!

Zen, etc. ... things one could discuss over a good bottle of raw vino, imo.